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Human-centered Technology Enthusiast. Writer, Educator, Consultant.

If you consistently ask someone to fix your problems for you, you don’t gain experience, they do. Learn how to be more self-sufficient. By doing so, you can change your approach to so many aspects of your life.

This article is about becoming more independent. It is about being able to fend for yourself in order to provide for yourself, without relying on other people.

It is not a guide to satisfying basic needs by explaining that you should avoid over consumption, save money, cook your own food and grow it or source it locally if possible. …

A picture of a hand sticking out of the water as though they’re drowning.
A picture of a hand sticking out of the water as though they’re drowning.

Caremongering, a name originally attributed to something intrinsically positive, is becoming more of a negative phenomenon, a way to boost sales, rather than to actually help others.

I’ll refer to negative caremongering as corporate caremongering.

If you knew the lengths some companies go to in order to make targeted groups of people feel as though they need help, for a price, you’d be surprised. I know because for a long time, I was hired to target others. I started with good intentions, I genuinely believed what I was doing was right. I was wrong. …

I’ve been writing blog posts and journal entries for about fifteen years. To put that into perspective, that’s half of my life.

Having archived or deleted all of my angst riddled teenage posts as well as those from my early (existential crisis) twenties, I decided it was time to start again. I’ve been writing professionally for about five years, companies now pay me to write blog posts. There’s a nice example in a post I wrote entitled ‘How to be More Human’.

I was always very good at writing. The voice in my head always seemed far more eloquent than…

Designing products that put humans first means taking a step back to really understand what we need. Often, what we need and what we want are two very different things.

Technology is convenient, fast, efficient, there’s no doubt about it. It also interferes with our lives and changes our behaviour. Think about it, when an entire family (sitting in the same room) would rather text than talk to one another, you know there’s a problem.

So, what do we need? Well, it’s unlikely that to survive as a human you’ll need ‘more likes, followers, smartphones and chargers’.

According to Abraham…

For the purpose of this article, let’s start by clarifying a very basic definition of what we mean by ‘sense of self’ and ‘social media’. Your sense of self is the way you define who you are, what you do and why you do it. It’s the identity you try to cultivate in your everyday life, for some people it’s driven by their emotions, thoughts and knowledge.

For others, it’s driven by their role in society, their job, whether or not they are a parent and so on. Sometimes, it comes down to our self-esteem, how we view ourselves and…

Tiffany Horan

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