How to Be More Self-Sufficient

  1. Your ego.

What is a sense of entitlement?

Your sense of entitlement, is something people very rarely recognise in themselves. It is a personality trait that exists in many forms. If you can relate to any of the examples below, then you might be dealing with an unhealthy sense of entitlement.

  • You are aggressive or self-pitying when you are frustrated, you lash out at others rather than looking inwards, you fail to see your own faults.
  • You feel as though organizations or individuals owe you something, even though you have contributed nothing.
  • You insult other people’s achievements and put them down. You try to dim their light in order to make yours shine brighter.
  • You feel like you’re an important person and you don’t tend to understand what other people need or want, you are self-centred.
  • You don’t accept other people as your equals, instead you view and describe yourself as an alpha personality. You consider others to be lesser than you.
  • You feel as though you deserve certain kinds of privileges, without really understanding or caring about how they may affect those around you.
  • You are not self-sufficient, if those who you rely on were to stop helping you, you wouldn’t be able to continue living your life in the same way.
  • Discipline yourself in order to be more self-sufficient, think carefully about small changes you can make to help you move forward, to help you rely less on others, to overcome your unhealthy sense of entitlement.
  • Learning that rewards should be earned is a key part to becoming more self-sufficient. If you put zero effort into something, why should you be rewarded for your lack of effort? It simply doesn’t make sense.
  • It can also be useful to do things because they’re the right thing to do, not because you’ll be rewarded for doing those things. Volunteering is a great way to start, once you’ve genuinely contributed to something, you’ll be rewarded with another person’s gratitude.
  • Avoid playing the victim where possible. It might be difficult for you to recognise that you’re doing this but it’s something that might help. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop feeling powerless. People who feel powerless tend to manipulate others in an attempt to get what they want.

What is an ego?

Your ego is your sense of self, it’s who you are. If your ego is the issue, then you are the issue. If your ego is the only thing holding you back, it means that you are the only thing holding you back.

  • Let go. Forgive the people who have hurt you and let go of the things you can’t control. Accept things for what they are and move forward. Similarly to dealing with an unhealthy sense of entitlement, this is the point where you stop comparing yourself to other people.
  • Improving yourself should be done without the external influences of people that don’t care about you. In order to be more authentic, to be more self-sufficient, you need to learn how to look after yourself. Stop making excuses and taking shortcuts. Exercise more, make healthier food choices and don’t get cosmetic surgery to look like an Instagram filter etc.
  • Think about everything you’re grateful for and acknowledge those things daily. Write them down if it helps you. Understand that there are other people struggling too and although your feelings are still valid, it could be worse.
  • Be more honest. People might not like it but that’s fine, you don’t need everyone to like you. It’s better to be open about issues than to pretend they don’t exist. People who pretend problems don’t exist are part of the problem.
  • Understand that boredom doesn’t really exist, you don’t need to constantly be doing something productive. Sitting quietly with your thoughts or walking around outside is enough (if you can). Remember that being alone isn’t the same as being lonely. If you keep yourself company, you’ll never be bored.

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